Work Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

Rashad Pearson. Wilhoite Physical Therapy

Business success requires productive employees.  Injured workers deserve caring, personalized, cost-effective rehabilitation that will return them to productive employment.

Physician referred.  Therapist planned and supervised back-to-work treatment programs tailored to injured workers and company needs.

Injured worker "Early Intervention" programs that emphasize less "off work" time, lower rehab cost and improved outcome predictability.

Coordinated progression of treatment from "Early Intervention" through work conditioning (advanced strengthening in preparation for Work Work

Hardening, FCE's and PPI's).

  • Injury Prevention Education

  • Job Analysis and Ergonomics Modifications

  • Job Rotation and Stretch Breaks












 Work Conditioning & Work Hardening

David Wilhoite. Wilhoite Physical Therapy 

When appropriate, work conditioning, work hardening, FCE's and PPI's may be requested by the Physician, employer or insurance carrier in an effort to return the injured worker to their former position and minimize immediate re-injury.


We provide a coordinated multi-disciplinary team of rehab professionals to plan and supervise the workers progression from work conditioning through job specific work hardening.

Improved vocational exploration and employability.

Job simulation and specificity of training.

























Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

Wilhoite Orthopedic Rehabilitaion 

 Caring professional staff and a friendly administrative support group stand ready to serve your rehabilitation needs.

Physician referred.  Therapist planned and supervised personal treatment programs for musculoskeletal dysfunction, sports related injuries and post-operative treatment.

Spacious facility with modern physical therapy equipment and advanced treatment protocols.

Sports specific rehabilitation programs for the school-age through the golden-age athlete.

On-Site Aquatic Therapy

Our Therapy pool is located at our Oxford office.

So Why Water?

  • Allows overweight & arthritic patients to exercise with less pain & stress on joints

  • Buoyancy reduces joint impact

  • Earlier intervention allowing faster recovery

Aquatic Therapy is appropriate for patients with:

  • Cervical & low back pain

    • Rheumatoid / Osteoarthritis

      • Fibromyalgia

  • Joint sprains & strains

    • Decreased strength & ROM

  • Total joint arthroplasty

    • Athletic injuries

  • Pool Dimensions

8'  X  16'

  • Pool Tempature

    Three depths - 48", 54", & 77"

    88 - 92 degrees