As of January 2013, to help ensure that our patients are receiving quality care, each patient has an opportunity to give feedback about their experience with Wilhoite PT (including name is optional).

We’re excited and humbled to share some of their feedback with you!

"Some of the most kind and friendly people! I had the pleasure of being able to rehab with THE BEST!" - Dorothy G. 3/2013

"They treat their patients as if they are a part of their own family." - Anonymous 1/2013

"Caring people that also do a great job!" - Anonymous 3/2013

 Professional”, “caring”, and “friendly” are words I would use to describe Wilhoite and Associates. They have taken care of me on 2 occasions—for back problems and knee replacement. They find out your pain level each time you come for therapy and work you through the various exercises needed according to your pain. The atmosphere is friendly and often has friendly banter among the staff and clients. The After Care Program is affordable and very helpful after insurance benefits run out. It has been a real blessing for me. I highly recommend the competent care you will get at Wilhoite and Associates at either location." - Kathleen S. 3/2013

"After suffering a broken arm along with a frozen shoulder, I went with great fear and dread to Wilhoite & Associates for physical therapy. I had heard all the horror stories about therapy, and I was not looking forward to it. From the first day, the Wilhoite team changed my whole attitude toward the recovery process. After an initial evaluation by David Wilhoite, I was assigned to Tammy Heard for my twice weekly therapy sessions. Tammy struck the perfect balance in pushing me to the next level and yet showing compassion every step of the way. She was always positive and encouraging while maintaining a very professional approach to my therapy. I appreciate the way she treated me with such concern for my full recovery; she was always trying new exercises to expedite the process. I not only regained the use of my arm, but I also gained a friend. Without reservation, I can and will recommend the Wilhoite team to anyone who needs physical therapy." - Carol H 3/2013

"I really enjoyed my time at Wilhoite PT, the staff members were very class and I was always met every day with a smile. I would like to come back!" - Annie F 3/2013

"Everyone is very helpful and friendly. There are insufficient words to describe my treatment." - Ron D 3/2013

"The Therapy and Therapists were very helpful. I am excited at how much movement I have!" - Judy B. 3/2013

"A great and FUN place to recover! Thank You Wilhoite PT!" - John D. 2/2013

"The greatest place in the world!!" - Niki W. 2/2013

"I am very pleased with the care I received at Wilhoite. The entire staff was exceptionally caring about me. Thanks Much!" - Alfreda L. 2/2013

"I could not ask for a better Therapist and Staff!" - Anonymous 1/2013

"The whole process was very good. It accomplished what I needed and healed the problems. I have told several friends they need to come here." - Kay K. 2/2013

"We will only use Wilhoite PT for all of our therapy needs." - Anonymous 2/2013